Thia’s First Tooth

Thursday, January 26th of 2017 will be remembered in two ways:

1. The day (we never thought would come) that baby girl went back to SLEEPING IN HER ROOM…THE WHOLE NIGHT…WITHOUT WAKING UP ONCE. Because…

2. Baby girl sprouted her first tooth! She put up a fight, I tell you. Didn’t have a full night’s rest (her or myself!) since around Thanksgiving, and then the grand finale before the big tooth reveal: baby’s first ear infection. God, I hope every tooth isn’t like this.



Come Bake Soon

Found this gem while cleaning up my nightstand. A receipt from a 9-year-old Sophie for services rendered, including hair, breade (braid), and wining (whining (me complaining from the PAIN of it)). Ends with my Tottle (total) and a lovely message to Come bake Soon!

One of my birthday gifts to her this year was a little restaurant order slip notepad from the Party Store. The best gifts are by no means the most expensive 😉